Powerful Women in Business 2018

They have positively impacted through their actions and projects and are the proof that gender is not an impediment to conquer any goal.

In the list published by Fortune magazine is CEO Nina Vaca, president and CEO of Pinnacle Group and recently recognized as Woman of the Year by our magazine SOLO MUJERES.

The Association of Latin American Professionals (ALPFA) presented its second annual list of the 50 most powerful Latina women in the business world in the United States, headed by Geisha Williams, CEO and President of PG & E.

According to Fortune magazine, this list provides a new center for Latin women executive services and expands its exposure throughout the country.

Among other positive aspects, it is highlighted that this year the number of nominees was almost doubled, and for the first time 15 business leaders were included, among them the actress and businesswoman Jessica Alba, who is in the 10th position.

The 50 Latin executives manage companies on the Fortune 500 list, large private companies, and some are entrepreneurs and leaders worldwide.

To make the list, they analyzed four criteria of the nominees: the size and importance of the businesses in the global economy, health and management of the company they represent, the professional career and their social and cultural influence.

The achievements of these powerful Latinas are important. The list serves as a platform to continue his legacy and amplify his voices to inspire the next generation of women,


That is an ambition that moves the world. We use that word to describe a person’s ability to influence their environment; a person whose actions have a significant impact around him. The constant questioning is whether it is deposited in the right hands.

Of course there are many types of power. Being in the middle of an electoral year, it cannot avoid having the collective mind put into political power. The situation will undoubtedly be important. However, it is essential not to lose sight of the fact that at the global level there are movements that we cannot ignore.

The examples of feminism and the struggle for the empowerment of women in the world have gained strength. The 2017 and the arrival of Donald Trump to Casa Clanca played a role in this, not because the American president is especially feminist, but because his misogyny united the women of the world in one voice.

In this context, talking about power in 2018 means much more than focusing on politics; It means asking ourselves how much of it we are giving to our girls, our girls and our female leaders. How much power to decide about themselves, how much power to report abuse, how much power to build the positive impact that each can create in their environment?