The 5 Kinds of Promotional Gifts

Every Marketer must have Promotional gifts to boost his brand awareness and loyalty. Gifts for Promotion act as easy giveaways at campaigns, trade fairs, exhibitions and meets. For instant brand recognition and greater brand exposure at economical costs, promotional products are the best.

Let us explore the different kinds of Promotional Gifts that never lose their charm over the years.

Types of Promotional Gifts

  1. Universally used promotional products

One product for promotion that is universally used by one and all is the Promotional pen. Economical and effective, promotional pens never lose their popularity among marketing products. They can be mass produced with custom printing to reflect your brand name and easily distributed. Pens kept at the reception counter or office desk are readily picked up by visitors, customers and guests.

Ideal for mass production and distribution, Promotional pens are available in various styles like

  • Engraved Metal Pens – Sterling Ball Pen, Dragon Ball Pen, Spider Ball pen, Fibre Ball Pen and Big Pixel Ball pens are some of the available varieties in the market.
  • Multicoloured Printed Pens- Target Safire, Hero, Max and Clicker pens
  • Promotional Plastic pens- Indica Opac, Triangle Opac and New Getz are the types here

Pens are ideal as promotional products as they are indispensable, ever-in-use, always in demand and easy to procure.

  1. Technology-oriented Promotional Products

Sometimes marketers want to be really tech-savvy and capture the attention of the audience using technology-oriented promotional products. Some of these include Pen drives,  customized Cell phone cases, Cell phone stands, headphones, Mouse Pads etc.

Of all these, Mouse Pads are really pocket-friendly and perfect for customization. With a wide surface ideal for custom printing your brand name and logo, these Mouse Pads carry your brand message readily across your customer offices and desks.

  1. Office accessory Promotional Products

Promotional campaigns require the brand message to be distributed widely and penetrated deeply. this can be done by distributing promotional products of office use like Acrylic Paperweights, Acrylic Keychains, Pen stands, Kraft Pads etc.

Among these, Acrylic Paperweights can be made in fancy shapes with custom printing to carry your brand name and logo boldly. Acrylic Keychains are even better as they can even carry your brand message elegantly. Ideal for wide circulation and with universal appeal, acrylic keychains are definite “must-haves”. Kraft Pads are eco-friendly office accessories available in colourful options for promotional use.

  1. Home accessory Promotional Products

Some marketers wish to send their brand message home by touching the personal lives of consumers through home accessory promotional products. For this specialized touch, custom-printed bottles, coffee mugs, fridge magnets and photo frames work best.

Customized bottles are best as they can carry your brand message everywhere to school, office or meetings. Essential and attractive, these bottles make good brand promoters if customized innovatively.

  1. Health Accessory Promotional Products

Health is wealth and if you want to show that you really care about your customer’s health, gift them health-based promotional products like stress balls, flexible Rubik’s cubes, yo-yos etc.

These promotional products used as health accessories can be used at home, office, gym or even school. Each time the customer uses it, he sees your brand message and know you care. Make sure that these promotional products are custom-printed in eye-catching colours to captivate the audience.

After selecting the type of promotional gift you wish to use for marketing, choose the right kind of Print specialist who can design, print and customize it for you effectively. More than the Promotional Gift, its design and custom printing is what makes it appealing and effectual.