How to Maintain Tidiness and Safety in the Kitchen

Kitchen exhaust cleaning involves removal of grease that accumulates inside the duct, vent hood and fan of the exhaust system of a commercial kitchen. When the exhaust is dirty, the accumulated grease may cause dangerous fire hazards. Kitchen exhaust system requires routine investigation to ascertain whether it should undergo cleanness before a hazardous amount of oil accumulates. Kitchen cleaning and maintenance is crucial to ensuring a proper working environment. Regular maintenance of vent hood system and exhaust ducts results in a cleaner, safer and fresher kitchen suitable for working. Below are reasons why you should clean the kitchen.

To minimize the risk of fire outbreaks

Vent hood traps smoke, grease, and grime. The vent is above the cooking surface. With time, the oil increases. When the temperatures are high, the lubricant may catch fire, and as we know, fat burns dangerously and may cause harm. To minimize burning, it is important that you perform thorough cleaning at specific intervals.

Minimize emission of dangerous substances

As the vent becomes grime, it becomes less efficient. Grease and smoke are not trapped, and therefore they escape from the building. Oil and smoke expose people to health hazards if not cleaned well in the kitchen area. Clean the kitchen regularly to remove these dangerous substances that may cause harm.

To meet legal requirements

It is required by the law to have the kitchen exhausts cleaned regularly. Failure to do so may lead to shutting down of kitchen hood by local fire officials. People are advised to adhere to the rules for their safety and that of their property.

To reduce the insurance costs

You wouldn’t want to pay higher premiums to insure against your kitchen. When the kitchen is well maintained, you’ll incur less insurance since your kitchen is not prone to fire outbreaks. Violation of the safety codes may render invalidation of the insurance services or the rise of the premiums paid. Therefore, keeping your kitchen clean is essential in reducing insurance costs.

Acceptable kitchen cleaning routines

Kitchen hood cleaning solely depends on the type and capacity of food cooked. The cleaning routines include monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually. People are advised to observe the cleaning routines suitable for their kitchens to minimize cases of accidents and kitchen fires.

The kitchen cleaning process involves the following steps:

i. Scrapping of the exhaust system
ii. Washing off the system with food safe caustic chemicals and hot water under intensive pressure to expel dissolved grease and water
iii. Cleaning fans. The fans cleaned are utility set fans, up blast type fans, and supreme fans
iv. Cleaning of vertical and horizontal ducts. This cleaning process involves re-assembling of the exhaust fan, re-installing filters, emptying trash cans, removing plastics and lastly mopping and cleaning the floor and other overspray areas.

Benefits of professional cleaning

Professional cleaning has a lot of benefits. They involve taking a short time to clean especially hood cleaning which is a difficult task. Therefore, it is advisable that you hire cleaning experts who will do it for a short time. Also, cleaning takes place in the right manner as professionals do a thorough job. Cleaning professionals will also repair damaged kitchen surfaces and help you understand fire codes and how to live up to them to avoid fire outbreaks.

A Final Thought:

Having the right cleaning services providers that satisfy municipal regulation is recommended for your kitchen whether at home or in business. The firm involved in cleaning should take responsibility in case of any damage caused to the exhaust system. Having clean kitchen environments prevents health hazards and provides a conducive working environment. Therefore, you can embrace kitchen cleanness regularly to avoid accidents by contacting our team of experts for excellent cleaning services. We’re ready to serve you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.