How an outsourced finance director can help your business grow

The benefits of using an outsourced finance director

Running a business brings a multitude of considerations, from attending meetings and pitches to managing staff and implementing effective strategies and processes. Maintaining optimum performance across a number of disciplines isn’t only challenging, it’s time-consuming as well.

Many companies are solving this issue by outsourcing certain tasks. Using outsourced finance director services, for example, can help you ensure your business’ financial health is kept in check, leaving you to concentrate on your strengths. Here, we explore how outsourcing your finance director tasks can help your business grow.

  1. Focus and attention

When you’re juggling several tasks at once, it can be difficult to give every single job the attention it deserves. You might find that halfway through a finance duty you’re distracted with something else that needs your immediate attention. Impositions on your time can lead to mistakes being made, which is why outsourcing can help. With outsourced services, you can be sure a skilled professional is dedicating the necessary time to keeping your finances healthy, meaning you can focus on the other aspects of growing a business.

  1. Flexibility

Often, business decisions can only be made with the input of financial experts. Using outsourced financial director services means that you can access the advice and knowledge you need without having to pay a full-time director’s salary. The outsourced director can fulfil the core duties required in a remote, part-time capacity, meaning you only pay for the service as and when you need it.

  1. Legal benefits

Many accounting firms offer outsourced finance director services, which is a boon for businesses wishing to grow. As part of their day-to-day operations, accounting companies keep abreast of the changes and developments in laws and regulations around business finance and taxation. This means that when you outsource work to them, you’ll benefit from their knowledge and can be confident that any paperwork such as tax returns will be fully compliant with the latest legislation. It also means you have a set contact within the business of whom you can ask legal advice when you need it.

  1. Role redeployment

SMEs often have to ask their staff to go above and beyond the normal call of duty. That means employees can often be found carrying out time-consuming tasks such as expenses reports, cashflow reports and such that would ideally go to an accounts department. This extra work in turn affects the productivity within the business and therefore its profitability, not to mention a frustrated workforce.

Outsourcing finance tasks enables you to utilise the skills of your employees in the proper way, meaning they can do what they’re best at. This will no doubt drive your business forward – after all, a happier workforce is a more productive one. Your staff will have more time to focus on their chosen career and more enthusiasm for the jobs at hand.

If your business is struggling with growth or you need financial advice to help with business decisions, why not consider outsourced finance director services?