6 Top Ecommerce Business Ideas for 2018

With the Internet connecting the entire globe, online businesses have increasingly cropped up to take advantage of the massive customer base. The beauty of operating an online enterprise is its flexibility, which means you can run it on the side or as a full-time thing.  Nevertheless, finding a suitable business idea appears to impede many potential entrepreneurs from venturing into the eCommerce space.

Just like other businesses, eCommerce enterprises have to start with an idea, which mainly revolves around the product. In fact, what you choose to sell creates a foundation for your enterprise. Your choice may make or break your ambitions.

We had a friendly chat with Stav Sarandiev, Chief Marketing Officer at Digitawise, which is an end-to-end BigCommerce Partner and he shared some top business ideas to kickstart your journey.

1.Consumer Electronics and Accessories

The consumer electronics category is quite popular in the eCommerce world. In fact, some of the foremost online businesses like Amazon dominate the segment. Although it may be hard to venture into this space citing such competition, the trick lies in finding a distinctive niche. Try identifying unique products that most of the larger retailers or businesses do not offer such as unique phone cases or GPS-powered dog collars.

2.Be a Social Media Consultant

To be successful in this field, having excellent online branding that cuts across both your social media sites and the website is vital. A trustworthy image or name helps to attract potential customers. Your work as a social media consultant will be to provide advice to your clients, especially on creating online media campaigns. Furthermore, you will be involved in managing their social media presence on various sites like Twitter and Facebook among others.

3.Join the Crowdfunding Business

Crowdfunding sites utilize the small amounts of capital they get from numerous individuals to bankroll an existing venture or a new one. What’s more, they take advantage of the ease accessibility provided by the massive amount of networks of families and friends through social media sites like Twitter to lure investors.

4.Run a Travel Booking Site

Visitors or guests buy a wide range of travel products from travel booking sites such as discounted cruise tickets. Aside from selling such products, you will provide a platform for users to search for discounted accommodation and hotel deals. All bookings done via your site go to your corresponding travel partner while your affiliate site earns revenue through per-booking earnings and per-click.


5.Freelance Web Designing Business

Being proficient in website designing serves as one of the major requirements for joining this business. Other prerequisites include owing a good computer, domain name, hosting your site and a reliable website creation software such as Adobe Dreamweaver. After fulfilling these needs, you can begin by creating your portfolio to help display your skills and attract customers.

6.Create an Adult Shop

Spotting a business niche is the first significant step towards succeeding in the eCommerce world. With most people shying away from adult shops citing moral standards, you may just smile all the way to your bank with this idea.  Make your adult shop unique by doing more than selling sexual enhancement products. Advice your customers on how to boost their intimacy by including a blog on your site.

Looking at all the above ideas, it is an undeniable fact that e-commerce is taking over the business world. Also, before choosing to pursue any of the ideas, try digging up additional information to avoid regrettable stumbling blocks ahead. Doing so will give you adequate foresight of the business you are willing to run.